Happy 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday, BluePoint

Our clients will tell you that when you sign BluePoint up to be your outsourced marketing team, you can bet that you will get us whole-hog. All of us have numerous client email accounts and most of our clients don’t discern between the “outsourced” marketing team (ie. BluePoint) and their internal teams. This is how we want to be. Call it white-label marketing, whatever. It’s who we are and it’s how we love to work. Call us an agency, and we will cringe. Call us a vendor, and we’ll be pretty sure that we can start doing the dishes.

So, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our own milestones and accomplishments. But, something crazy and important happened to us last week on April 1. Our BluePoint email went down. OK, you’re thinking, “Wow, Alison, that is like totally nuts”, but there’s more to the story.

We had a team of 5 people working for hours to try to figure this out. Our clients were frustrated and I was trying to do everything I could not to start giving out my personal email address, not because I am worried about client infringement on my personal life, but because my personal account is an AOL address. OK. You can snicker, but how many of you have had the same email address for 20 years?

Back to my point. We had a team of people from Boston to Pennsylvania to Pensacola, and even some clients in Israel and California trying to help us figure this out. I kept hearing that the DNS wasn’t pointing correctly. We all know the expression “that dog don’t hunt”, so I started thinking about a dog that don’t hunt. He don’t hunt if he’s got no instincts or if there’s nothing to hunt. Sure enough, I called GoDaddy and our dog wasn’t hunting because our 10-year license on the BluePoint domain had expired on March 31. The problem was hard to diagnose because it just doesn’t happen all that often. After about 10 minutes on the phone with the GoDaddy dude, I finally figured out what the username was….my little ole AOL account. Without it, we could have lost our domain and all my worst anxieties about clients not being able to reach us would have become a reality.

So, happy 10th birthday, BluePoint and a huge and hearty thanks to the friends, clients and team members who have helped us reach this terrific milestone.

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